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Settings to save resources :

The resource saving is to be configured first on the simple configuration then on the advanced configuration parameters.
The parameters depend on the type of mission desired (interception, ground attack, etc.)
Planes use the most bandwidth: multi-crew planes lead the pack. Ground and atmospheric units also consume resources, but not as much.
Setting a simple configuration to low will save CPU, but anything about airplanes will have more impact.
If you're flying fighters, you probably want opposition, so putting the ground movements and the air defense down should allow you to put more planes into action.
We have already seen that setting CPU usage to low will limit bombers and eliminate virtual escorts without reducing the total number of flights.

It is also possible to play with the number of flights in advanced configurations:

  • Reduce “friendly” flights

My first suggestion would reduce friendly flights to 1 or even 0.
Campaign -> Configuration -> Advanced configuration -> Mission limits -> Maximum allied flights
Campaign -> Configuration -> Advanced Config -> Mission Limits -> Max Axis Flights
Depending on which side you are flying for. Reducing friendly thefts limits the loss of resources by maintaining opposition.

  • Eliminate virtual escorts

Campaign -> Configuration -> Advanced config -> Mission limits -> Max virtual escorts : Set to zero

  • Reduce smoke

Campaign -> Configuration -> Advanced config -> Mission limits -> Maximum amount of smoke in the area
Campaign -> Configuration -> Advanced config -> Mission limits -> Maximum amount of smoke in a mission
Put them both to zero