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Allows to have reports and information on the location of units, objectives, stock status and allows to force resupply, if necessary.

Pwcg intelligence menu.PNG

Intel Map

Allows you to visualize the distribution of friendly and enemy squadrons on your map

Pwcg intel map.PNG

Intelligence report

Allows to know the pilots of each squadron (friendly and enemy) available on the date of the last mission.
you can also know the available planes.

Pwcg intelligence report.PNG

Then,check if the enemy formations are exhausted
If many squadrons are shown in red, they need men or equipment.

you can then use the function "Use emergency replenishment".

Depot report

Allows to know the number of aircraft by type and by air force, on the date of the last mission.

Pwcg depot report.PNG

Use emergency replenishment

Function of rapid replenishment of units in the event of lack of opposition:

Sometimes enemy planes can be exhausted. There is an emergency resupply function to resupply squads if the normal algorithm resupplies too slowly.

Will resupply squads immediately outside of the normal resupply chain.

Pwcg emergency resupply.PNG