Installing and Using Pat Wilson Campaign Generator

From Installing and Using Pat Wilson Campaign Generator
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Solo or cooperative campaign designer for [Il2 Great Battle and Flying Circus] developed by Patrick Wilson.
PWCG is an evolution of a first interface originally developed for Rise Of Flight. The amount of work by Patrick Awlson is impressive It is always possible to thank him via the PWCG download page (copy below)

version on 11/27/2022 : PWCG 14.1.3

To view the update and version


Pwcg page telechargement.png

Contents :

  1. Installation
  2. First start and basic settings
  3. Campaign and Missions management
  4. Pilots management
  5. Activity
  6. Intelligence
  7. Simple Config
  8. Advanced Config
  9. Server resource management
  10. Update and version
  11. General tips for playing